Winter skin care in Ottawa.

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The days may be shorter and chillier with a likely chance of snowfall yet, sun protection remains just as important now as it does during our hottest summer spells. More and more, as health-minded Ottawa women are investing in their well-being and skin health, we are being asked about essential winter skin care and protection. Here we share a few essentials to help your skin adapt to colder weather and to help you ensure adequate protection.

1. More than 90 per cent of the sun’s damaging rays penetrate clouds and glass and reflect off snow. Traditionally, we adopt daily sunscreen habits in summer: sun = heat = damage. The truth is we accrue sun damage 365 days per year, regardless of the temperature or weather. When our goal is to protect the health of our skin and prevent damage, daily sunscreen all winter long is a winning practice;

2. Sun damage is more than just brown spots and an increased risk of developing skin cancer. Most visible changes to the skin, including pigmentation, prominent blood vessels, wrinkles and skin laxity, are the result of sun damage. The sun’s rays alter the very DNA of our skin cells causing all types of noticeable changes. In fact, the Canadian Dermatology Association  attributes up to 90 per cent of the obvious signs of skin aging to sun damage, or photoaging. Sun protection simultaneously protects the health and beauty of your skin. Adopting good habits early can prevent many unwanted signs of sun damage in the years to come;

3. Winter sun, combined with the winter environment, can cause severe dehydration. Winter dryness is exacerbated by ongoing UV exposure, a harsh, cold environment and inadequate protection. One of the best ways to beat dry, chapped skin is to pair or layer a nourishing moisturizer with a suitable sunscreen everyday. Most skin types can tolerate richer than normal moisturizers through winter so do not be surprised if your regular skincare products fall short of your seasonal needs. Apply emollient creams two to four times a day to maintain skin health during the winter months, particularly when participating in outdoor sports.

Looking for great winter skincare products?

When you hope to get a little more from your daily, at-home routine, our advisors can introduce you to some proven solutions for your unique skin type. Concept Medical is focused on hosting innovative, clinically researched skincare products.

Looking to investigate or correct sun damage?

Our forward-thinking practices include an array of skin treatments from simple brown spot removal, to correction of irregular pigmentation, to treatment of certain skin cancers. Concept Medical was founded on a tenet and passion for wellness and skin health; healthy skin is beautiful skin, after all.

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