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Help us welcome Dr. Rebecca Fisher to our Concept Medical team. We sat down with Dr. Rebecca Fisher to ask her a series of questions. Here’s a chance to get to know her better through her insightful answers:

1. What is her approach to positive aging?

Dr. Fisher’s approach to positive aging centers on guiding each patient to embrace their most radiant and revitalized self. She doesn’t advocate avoiding the aging process but rather supports her clients in looking their best at every age. She recognizes that age brings with it wisdom, clarity, and knowledge and emphasizes that these are qualities to be celebrated, not concealed.

Dr. Fisher believes that everyone can age gracefully and be the best version of themselves. She offers personalized care and suggests rejuvenation techniques tailored to each client. Her goal is to empower clients with knowledge about optimal skincare practices and sustainable maintenance treatments. By giving her clients a deeper understanding of the aging process, Dr. Fisher transforms this journey into a celebration of graceful, positive-aging beauty.

2. What is the one service or product that her clients shouldn’t live without?

If Dr. Fisher could recommend only one thing to all her clients, it would be to use sunscreen daily. She emphasizes that a significant portion of the skin’s aging symptoms, such as lines, wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, and texture changes, result from prolonged UV exposure. In her opinion, if applying sunscreen is the sole step clients take to counteract this daily damage, they’re significantly ahead in preserving their skin’s health.

Photo of Rebecca Fisher at the clinic.

3. How did Dr. Fisher begin her career in Medical Aesthetics?

Dr. Fisher initiated her medical journey in Emergency Medicine in 1998. She was passionate about the Emergency Department because of the teamwork, the hands-on skills, and the opportunity to assist patients daily. However, having had three children early in her career and managing the challenges of busy shift work for a decade, Dr. Fisher began to explore other medical avenues in 2009 that might offer a more balanced lifestyle for her family. She was drawn to roles that still allowed hands-on procedures, leading her to Medical Aesthetics. After undergoing training and gaining experience, Dr. Fisher began in the industry the subsequent year.

Over the past decade, her practice has grown, allowing her to dedicate more time to Medical Aesthetics. Dr. Fisher finds joy in collaborating with her clients to improve skin health and age gracefully, ensuring that they radiate the best version of themselves.

4. Three fun facts about Dr. Fisher:

  1. Dr. Fisher has a keen love for espresso and pistachio gelato, ensuring she always has at least one pint stocked in her freezer.
  2. Yoga is Dr. Fisher’s lifeline. It invigorates her, challenges her boundaries, and aids her in navigating difficult situations. If she doesn’t attend her yoga classes at least three times a week, she feels off-balance.
  3. Dr. Fisher’s life values reflect those of her father—integrity, kindness, and sincerity—and she strives to honour them every day.

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Dr. Fisher’s medical cosmetic practice is currently located at Concept Medical, Partner of Dermapure: 1272 Wellington St. West in Ottawa. To book an appointment with Dr. Fisher, please call us at 613.829.1266

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