How Biostimulators Help Skin Rejuvenation: Q&A With Dr. Rebecca Fisher

Woman receiving a biostimulator

We sat down with Dr. Rebecca Fisher to discuss biostimulators and where they fit into skin rejuvenation.

Q: Why does our skin become more wrinkled, less elastic, less plump, and saggy as we age?

The answer is simple: we have progressively less collagen and elastin to support the skin over time. Skin aging is related to increased collagen and elastin breakdown and decreased production.

The cell that our skin depends on to produce these proteins is the fibroblast.

fibroblast diagram

Q: What exactly happens to our skin to cause wrinkles, laxity and decreased elasticity?

Here are a few staggering facts about skin aging that clarify what happens under the surface:

  • Collagen production decreases by 1% each year after we reach our cellular peak in our 20s.
  • The amount of hyaluronic acid our body produces drops by 50% from age 20 to 50.
  • Epidermal thickness decreases by 6.2% every decade.
  • Skin turnover happens every 50 days in older people compared to 28 days in young adults.
  • The enzymes responsible for collagen degradation in the skin increase gradually as we age.

As the fibroblasts age, they produce less of the essential proteins responsible for producing healthy skin. They are no longer stimulated effectively as the skin weakens and loses its tension.

Q: How do biostimulators help the skin?

CaHA, aka Radiesse,  can be used in its dilute form as a biostimulator. By injection in the deep dermis, the CaHA forms a scaffold to support fibroblast function, effectively stretching the fibroblasts and triggering long-term elastin and collagen formation.

This stimulation results in plumper, firmer, more elastic, and thicker skin after about three months. The remodelling effect can persist for 18-24 months.

Young vs. aging skin diagram.

Q: Where can CaHA/Radiesse be used?

CaHA can be used to improve skin quality in many areas, including the face, neck, and back of the hands. We recommend a series of two to three treatments for optimal results. It is usually injected with a cannula, allowing the provider to flood the deep dermis with this important biostimulation.

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