Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement using cosmetic dermal fillers may add volume to thinner lipsenhances lip shape, and restores lost fullness to the lips. Individual results vary, and risk are possible. 

Cosmetic lip fillers may enhance lip shape and restore lost fullness to the lips. Cosmetic dermal fillers at Concept Medical are composed of a colourless, clear gel called hyaluronic acid, which is already present in the human body. Individuals results vary, and risks are possible. 

Cosmetic procedures at Concept Medical in Ottawa begin with a detailed consultation with one of our physicians. At Concept Medical we use techniques to ensure your treatments are comfortable. A lip filler appointment is 30 minutes long. At Concept Medical in Ottawa, only our physicians perform lip augmentations and your treatment will never be delegated to a nurse or non-medical staff member. Risks are possible and individual results do vary. 

The purpose of lip fillers is to augment your natural lip volume for more full lips. Lip augmentations are not permanent and may last up to 6-12 months. Please note, that individuals results may vary.

As with any cosmetic or medical treatment, it is important to discuss possible complications with your physician. Serious and rare risks are possible. Individual results do vary. 

At Concept Medical in Ottawa only our physicians will perform your lip augmentation. Lip enhancements are never delegated to a nurse or non-medical practitioner.

Lip fillers at Concept Medical are not permanent. Your lip augmentation results may last 6-12 months or more before the lip filler is dissolved by your body. Individual results vary. 

Lip enhancements using soft tissue fillers at Concept Medical in Ottawa are administered by our physicians. For more information about lip injections in Ottawa, please contact our team. 

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