Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancement

At Concept Medical in Ottawa, lip augmentations are one of our most common cosmetic procedures. Lip enhancement using cosmetic dermal fillers can add volume to thinner lips, giving them a fuller yet natural appearance.

Cosmetic lip fillers add volume, contour, and fullness to your lips, while preserving a natural lip appearance. Cosmetic dermal fillers are composed of a colourless, clear gel called hyaluronic acid, which is already present in the human body.

Cosmetic procedures at Concept Medical in Ottawa begin with a detailed consultation with one of our physicians, as customizing your lip filler treatment to meet your desired results is essential. A detailed consultation prior to your lip augmentation ensures optimum results and most importantly your safety. Lip filler does not need to be painful or uncomfortable. At Concept Medical we use special techniques to ensure your lip enhancement is both effective yet very comfortable. A lip filler treatment can be completed within a few minutes, and you may return to your normal activities or work following treatment. At Concept Medical in Ottawa, only our highly trained physicians perform lip augmentations and your treatment will never be delegated to a nurse or non-medical staff member.

Lip fillers augment your natural volume for more full and sensuous lips. One of the greatest concerns patients have is that their lips will look too big or unnatural. At Concept Medical, our physicians will work with you both prior to and during your lip augmentation to ensure your ideal results. After your lip filler treatment you will notice your lips are subtly and tastefully enhanced, with immediate results. At Concept Medical in Ottawa our qualified physicians ensure your lip enhancement is comfortable and results are natural. Lip augmentations are not permanent and may last up to 1 year.

Unlike other dermal fillers, hyaluronic acid is a natural compound that already exists in your skin and lips. However as with any cosmetic or medical treatment, it is important to discuss possible complications with your physician. Most unfavourable outcomes from lip fillers are not due to the filler itself, but rather an injector who may not be familiar with lip enhancement techniques.

At Concept Medical in Ottawa only our licenced and experienced physicians will perform your lip augmentation. Lip enhancements are never delegated to a nurse or non-medical practitioner.

Lip fillers are long lasting but not permanent. Your lip augmentation results can last 6-12 months or more before the lip filler is dissolved and absorbed by your body’s natural enzymes.

Lip enhancements using soft tissue fillers at Concept Medical in Ottawa are administered by our experienced physicians. As with all our cosmetic treatments, your lip augmentation will be uniquely customized to your desired results. One of the greatest concerns from patients is that their lips may be too large. At Concept Medical we ensure your lip filler results are natural and never overdone. Finally, lip filler treatments at Concept Medical are very comfortable due to our technique.

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