Masseter Reduction

What is the Masseter Muscle?

The masseter muscle is a facial muscle which connects your mandible (lower jaw) to your cheekbone. It plays a major role in “mastication” or chewing. It is also activated in those that grind their teeth.

What is the masseter hypertrophy?

For people who clench or grind their teeth or chew gum excessively the masseter tends to become enlarged which may create facial asymmetry. For some patients, their masseter is simply hereditary. Masseter hypertrophy may give the jaw a bulkier appearance. Due to this appearance, some patents choose to have their masseters treated to help minimize their appearance and create a more feminine jaw. Other patients choose to have their masseters treated to help decrease pain from grinding or TMJ discomfort.

What is non-surgical masseter reduction?

All masseter muscle reduction treatments begin with a detailed consultation with one of our physicians. A specific injectable product is used to help decrease the size of the masseter muscles. A similar treatment is use to help patients who have discomfort from grinding in their jaw or TMJ. Due to Health Canada compliance laws, we are unable to provide more information about the specific treatments. Please call us to discuss our masseter treatments further.

What should I expect from my masseter reduction treatment?

Masseter reduction is a non-surgical option for patients seeking a softer more feminine appearance to their lower face and jaw. It is also an option for patients with TMJ pain or jaw discomfort from grinding. Due to Health Canada compliance laws, we are unable to provide more information online about this specific treatment Please call us to discuss the Masseter Muscle Reduction further.

Is masseter reduction safe?

It is important to thoroughly discuss the risks and possible complications with your physician prior to treatment. Risks are possible, and results vary.

Who will perform my treatment?

At Concept Medical only our physicians will perform your masseter reduction treatments.

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