Sylfirm X (RF Microneedling)

Rejuvenate your skin with Sylfirm X RF Microneedling. Experience advanced non-invasive treatment for pigmentation, acne scars, and aging signs, revealing a revitalized complexion.

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What is Sylfirm X?

Sylfirm X is the world’s first Health Canada and FDA approved Pulsed & Continuous Wave Radiofrequency (RF) Microneedling system. Sylfirm X is also the only RF device that has Dual Wave RF which can be used across almost any skin type for multiple benefits. This system works by creating precise thermal coagulation zone by 24 evenly-leveled electrodes which penetrate precise depths. It is the only RF microneedling available that in addition to improving skin texture, scars, and fine lines can also improve neovascularity including hard-to treat conditions such as melasma and rosacea.

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Sylfirm device
Sylfirm device
Sylfirm device
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What is Sylfirm X used for?

Sylfirm X RF Microneedling is used to improve skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles, pore size, scars, and stretch marks. It is particularly useful for hard-to-treat areas of skin such as under the eyes, around the mouth, and neck. Unlike some systems, Sylfirm X can be used to treat skin right under the eye, up to the lash line. Furthermore, many patients notice and improvement in skin laxity and tighter skin following treatments.

As with all treatments, risks are possible and results vary. For more information or to book your consultation please contact Concept Medical.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sylfirm X

Most patients need 4 Sylfirm treatments to see optimal results. Often patients will notice an improvement after 1-2 treatments.

Upon delivery, energy is released into the device at 2MHz through the 300 micron needle. The needle depth can be precisely tailored to penetrate the skin between 0.3mm and 4mm, depending on desired results and goals. The needles are incredibly thin at only 300 microns, which makes the treatment very tolerable. The needles remain in the skin for the optimal time required to bring about an effect before any thermal damage can occur. The emitted radiofrequency energy then strengthens and improves skin health by repairing damaged cells and increasing the production of elastin and collagen.

Yes! Sylfirm X’s innovation of the RP (repeated ultra-short pulse) micro-needling technology allows for improvement in some melasma. Often, we will combine this treatment with laser as well as optimize your skin care for further results.

Sylfirm X’s Continuous Wave Mode stimulates collagen and improves dermal remodelling. This, in turn, can strengthen the skin around the pores, making the pores appear smaller.

You can expect to see significant improvements in 3-4 sessions.

You can expect little to no downtime. Most patients will see some redness following treatment for 1-2 days on average.

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