How to treat an aging neck.

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We often pay close attention to the aging that occurs on our face, but the skin below our chin tends to be overlooked until aging catches up with us. Unfortunately in the case of our neck, this can seemingly happen overnight.

The skin of the neck is thinner than that of our face. This, paired with the fact that it is often exposed to sunlight makes it vulnerable to aging changes such as discolouration, wrinkles, rough skin texture, lax skin and an uneven silhouette.

There was a time when surgery was the most effective way to address the signs of aging on the neck. Fortunately, the focus on lasers and injectable treatments over the past 15 years have led to non-invasive solutions that can mitigate the need for surgery.

Some of the treatment options for neck rejuvenation include:

BOTOX COSMETIC treatments.

This treatment approach can improve the silhouette of the neck in cases where the muscles have become rigid and overdeveloped, leading to neck bands. It can also be implemented to lessen the appearance of neck wrinkles that form horizontally along the neck. The treatment strategically relaxes the muscles to smooth wrinkles and refine the shape of the neck. Treatment results are temporary, and regular maintenance is required for continual benefits.


This skin tightening treatment uses a gold standard device that allows cosmetic physicians to target the SMAS layer of connective tissue that resides deep within the skin. By delivering radiofrequency heat energy to this tissue, a superior tightening effect takes place that can result in a veritable lift that was previously exclusive to the realm of surgery. With just one treatment, sagging skin on the neck and under the jaw is beautifully tightened for a noticeably rejuvenated look.

IPL Photorejuvenation

For a mottled skin tone that results from years of sun exposure, IPL photorejuvenation is a gentle approach to repairing sun damage that offers significant improvements to skin clarity. Pulses of light send heat energy into the skin to target damaged pigmented cells. These cells become darker as a result and are pushed to the skin’s surface to be shed away. This results in lightened and dispelled brown spots, as well as improved skin texture and firmness. A series of IPL Photorejuvenation treatments is generally required to realize the desired result.

In addition to these in-office procedures, there are steps you can take at home to preserve the health and beauty of the skin on your neck.

    • Make sure to include your neck in your beauty routine: cleanse, exfoliate and apply serums, masques and creams to your neck.
    • Protect your neck daily by wearing and reapplying a minimum broad spectrum SPF 30.

If you’re concerned with an aging neck, Concept Medical’s team of certified physicians is available to direct you on a course treatment to restore a youthful appearance to your neck. Request an appointment today.

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