Why your skin still needs moisture this summer.

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When the sun and humidity intensify in Ottawa, the moisture your skin craved so much in the winter can seem like overkill. That being said, putting your face cream away over the summer is not ideal for optimal skin health. Here’s why:


Sun exposure causes water loss in the skin. This explains why sunburned skin requires so much moisture to recover. Even a short period of time in the sun can contribute to dehydration which leads to fine lines, flaking, redness and premature aging. In fact, studies have shown that skin that is optimally hydrated does not wrinkle as easily and when present, wrinkles are shallower than is the case with dehydrated skin.

Some of the skin concerns that arise when the skin is not properly hydrated include:

  • enlarged pores
  • flakiness
  • tightness
  • fine lines
  • redness
  • rough or bumpy skin texture

With this in mind, keeping your skin balanced and at its best in the summertime is more a matter of retaining water than slathering on heavy creams. Switching to a lighter moisturizer or adding a hydrating serum with ingredients like plant ceramides and hyaluronic acid is a smart move for most skin types.

Concept Medical recommends Neocutis Bio Cream for normal to dry skin and Bio Gel for normal to oily skin types. Each of these formulas is packed with an anti-aging blend of protein peptides to firm the skin along with replenishing ingredients to restore hydration and retain moisture.

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In addition to at-home products to help hydrate your skin, in office treatments such as medical grade peels can help improve your skin’s moisture levels. Medical grade peels work to remove the superficial layer of dead skin cells to reveal hydrated and healthy skin beneath. This gives your complexion a revitalized healthy glow and facilitates the ready absorption of nutritive ingredients.

If you’re looking to nurture a healthy and even skin tone this summer, the aforementioned solutions are a good place to start, but why not get expert guidance? Concept Medical invites you to book a consultation with one of our cosmetic physicians who will assess your skin and make recommendations for products and treatments that are most suitable for you. Contact us today.

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