The Season for Laser Hair Removal.

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It is estimated the average woman will spend 1,728 hours shaving her legs in her lifetime – the equivalent of 72 straight days. What would you rather be doing with that time?

The simple truth about maintaining body hair by shaving, waxing, threading or tweezing: it requires commitment. Starting to shave your legs, underarms, bikini line or … means you will likely be shaving for life. Men are not exceptions to the rule… they are also grooming their chests, backs, shoulders and more to keep up with (body) hairless trends. It all requires an investment of time and it’s one we would all like to do without.

What is laser hair removal?

By definition, laser hair removal involves the application of laser energy to targeted hair follicles, whereby those hair follicles are rendered ineffective or ejected from the body. Following a recommended series of treatments, to target our multiple hair growth cycles, results in permanent hair reduction.

Are all lasers for laser hair removal equally effective?

The short answer is no. It is important to ascertain whether a laser system employed for hair removal is in fact a laser, and one that delivers enough energy to achieve noticeable results. The difference between a true laser and broadband light-based therapy is in the energy it emits. A laser will emit one true wavelength of energy to target the specific depth and colour of hair within follicles. This makes a true, dedicated laser hair removal system more effective in fewer treatments.

Tips for a great laser hair removal experience

1. Ensure you are comfortable and confident with your provider. A physician-directed facility will offer you added peace-of-mind by providing medical expertise and appropriate follow-up;

2. Pre-schedule your series of treatments at recommended intervals. Following the guidelines suggested by your laser hair removal provider will lead to more efficient and effective treatment results. These will be discussed in detail at he time of consultation;

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Sun Damage Condition

3. Avoid direct sun exposure on treatment areas during your treatment program;

4. Wear sunscreen daily to protect the skin. Should you incur even a slight tan, your treatment provider may recommend postponing your laser hair removal treatments.

How to begin laser hair removal treatments in Ottawa.

Concept Medical is pleased to provide professional consultations and treatments for laser hair removal. Contact us today at (613) 829-1266 or request an appointment online.

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