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I am a healthy woman in my late 40s and I take care of my skin. I am diligent about sunscreen use, make sure to avoid the sun (as much as possible), do not smoke, and make sure to stay well hydrated. I eat a healthy diet and exercise 3-4 times per week. However, I am aging, despite my best efforts. Most of us would like to age as gracefully as possible, but without invasive procedures.

About 10 years ago, I began to notice fine lines around my mouth. Since I have never smoked, I knew it was not due to smoking. I am a chatterbox, so perhaps it was due to being a talker? I spoke to my girlfriends, who noted the same fine lines. After speaking to one friend with the same concern, she told me about lip fillers. At first I was not convinced, I was able to ignore my lips for years. However, as I reached my 50s, those nasty little lines around my mouth increased and my generally thin lips were now even thinner. I’ve began to notice small folds in the corners of my mouth as well as my mouth almost looking as it is turning down, making me look ‘sad’ despite being a very happy person. Looking back at pictures from 10 years ago, I know there had been significant changes in my lips. I reached the point where my lipstick would bleed into the lip creases.

In an effort to improve my lips without looking ‘Hollywood’, I visited Concept Medical. Their focus was to give me a subtle improvement. My visit started with a detailed meeting with the nurse and Dr. Hetz to discuss lip injections in details. I had a detailed health history as well as a full assessment of my lips and face. We discussed why lips change over time, and why small wrinkles appear. I learned that some wrinkles occur from the underlying muscle, which contracts over the years. I was also explained that lips get smaller partially due to a loss of collagen. We finally discussed treatment options that would provide my results as well as fit within my budget. I decided to have subtle lip enhancement, to bring my youthful lips back.

My lip filler treatment took about 20 minutes to perform, and Dr. Hetz took his time as we looked in the mirror together throughout the treatment. Following the short procedure, we scheduled a follow-up, but I was encouraged to call the office anytime if I had any questions or concerns, which made me feel reassured. After my lip filler treatment my lips felt natural, just as they always have. My lip shape improved. I did experienced minor bruising initially, which lasted only a few days and was easily covered with lipstick. However, I was made aware about more serious risks which are possible.

The doctors at Concept Medical use a special freezing technique that makes lip injections comfortable. Furthermore, the lip filler that Dr. Hetz used also has freezing within it for added comfort.

– Ottawa lip injection patient, June 2017

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