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Many (if not most) of leading skin concerns are due to sun damage. The sun emits radiation in various forms, which mutate the very DNA of our skin. Some of the inconsequential changes that result are more aesthetic, like wrinkles and skin laxity. Others pose health risks, like pre-cancerous and cancerous skin lesions. It’s amazing such an enjoyable pastime as sun bathing can wreak such havoc on our skin!

Concept Medical strives to educate patients on these effects of the sun, but also on prevention and correction. Regardless of your age or the state of your skin, sun damage can be improved. One such solution is photorejuvenation.

What is photorejuvenation?

One of the original cosmetic sciences, photorejuvenation, involves the interaction of therapeutic light and the skin. Broadband light (not laser) delivered to the skin to target various depths and common skin concerns including pigmentation, wrinkles, flushing and pore size. Photorejuvenation often goes by the acronyms IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) or BBL (Broad-band Light).

What are the benefits of photorejuvenation treatments?

Photorejuvenation is recommended for sun damage repair. Whether your sun damage takes the form of freckles and pigmentation or wrinkles, redness or enlarged pores, photorejuvenation is indicated to improve skin health and complexion, and has been shown to improve skin at the DNA level. By targeting the superficial layers of skin, photorejuvenation treatments will lighten certain types of brown discolouration and irregular or unwanted pigmentation.

Treatments can also focus on tones of red and reduce the tiny networks of vessels that contribute to facial flushing and redness, which oftentimes evolve into more defined facial vessels. In this way, photorejuvenation is highly recommended to treat symptoms of rosacea.

The light-based energy from photorejuvenation treatments also stimulates superficial collagen contraction, which will help refine enlarged pores and tighten fine lines.

What can I expect from a photorejuvenation treatment?

First, a treatment series will be recommended for you and your unique objectives. Treatments are well tolerated and most patients report only mild discomfort. Immediately after treatment, the skin will appear slightly flushed and pigmentation can begin to darken. Tiny vessels will begin to fade and disappear. With each treatment, the desired outcome is closer and skin appears healthier, more even and youthful.

Learn more on our photorejuvenation treatment page.

Where do I begin?

In the Ottawa area, Concept Medical is pleased to provide professional consultations and advanced photorejuvenation treatments. Contact us today or request an appointment online.

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