Laser Hair Removal: A Patient’s Personal Story

Laser Hair Removal What to know

I am a middle-aged woman who had never used any hair removal procedures on my body other than razors and waxing (just once!). I practically live at our cottage in the summer and having to shave every day to keep that ‘smooth’ look was tedious, to say the least. Not to mention the times that I realized that I missed a spot… ugh! I also love going to the gym and no matter how many times I shave under my arms, I always have that ‘Day Old Growth’… a dark shadow where the hair grows.

As for waxing, I bought very expensive spa products. They looked pretty and smelled wonderful but the procedure was tortuous and the results left me with a rash and ingrown hairs to deal with for the next couple of months.

Then I discovered Ottawa laser hair removal at Concept Medical. A friend of mine recommended laser hair removal at Concept Medical, she said the clinic is beautiful, the location is perfect, and the staff is very professional. Her results are phenomenal and she stated that she has thrown away her razors. I didn’t need to hear more… I picked up the phone and booked a consultation.

having my hair removed by lasersThe consultation was a great chance to learn about laser hair removal in Ottawa, as well as exploring the other laser, cosmetic, and medical services that Concept Medical has to offer. I had a health history review to make sure that laser hair removal was safe for me and that the results would be effective and in line with what I was expecting.

I really appreciated the professional yet friendly approach and felt that I could discuss any concerns that I might have along the way. I booked my laser hair removal for the next week and felt very confident in my procedure choice and with Concept Medical as my clinic.

The following week I was in for my very first laser hair removal treatment in Ottawa. The clinic was clean and welcoming and each room was designated for a different procedure. The laser hair removal room is placed at the end of the hallway providing optimal privacy. Because Concept Medical is a physician-supervised clinic, the laser is medical-grade providing a high degree of performance while still ensuring a safe treatment for the clients.

The two areas that I decided to treat with laser hair removal were my axilla (under the arms) and linea (the hairs below the belly button). I was told to shave the areas to be treated the morning before the laser hair removal treatment. I met with the medical aesthetician who was friendly and very informative. She explained everything beforehand and was always checking with me to assess my comfort level throughout my first laser hair removal treatment.

Although I did my best to shave the areas, she made sure and any touch-ups were done immediately prior to the laser hair removal treatment. We both wore safety glasses to protect our eyes during the treatment while the laser was working. A cool gel was applied to the area before the treatment. My axilla was treated first. She held the laser on the gel and she gave me a ‘1-2-3’ before the first few laser pulses. The feeling was very minimal, a small tingling sensation at most.

The medical aesthetician waited a minute to ensure that I had no further sensations of heat then proceeded with the full area. The laser procedure itself took no more than 30 minutes. My skin was slightly pink when I left the clinic but that disappeared within the hour and that evening I did not notice any differences in appearance.

I was told that I would need 5-10 treatments to decrease most of the hair. I understood that laser hair removal is not totally permanent but hair growth would be dramatically decreased for a very significant period of time. Each laser hair removal treatment is scheduled about a month apart, this is because the hair follicles need to regrow to a point that the laser can effectively target them, decreasing their coarseness and texture with each session. I found that even after the first laser hair removal session, my hair growth had diminished quite a bit.

My experience at Concept Medical in Ottawa was top notch from start to finish. I was treated very professionally and felt that my overall experience from start to finish really mattered. I was explained about the procedure beforehand and what to expect afterward as well. I was booked a follow-up appointment along with the second treatment so that I had time with the medical aesthetician to go over the results.

Now, I have had 6 laser hair removal treatments in Ottawa and I can’t remember the last time I had to shave. My axilla area is smooth and white, no traces of hair at all! I am confident that no matter what day of the week I can wear a bathing suit without a second thought. My only negative thought is why I didn’t do this sooner in life. By the way, my legs are next.

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