Neocutis in Ottawa- Optimize your skin with innovative Swiss technology

Neocutis in Ottawa

Neocutis in Ottawa- Optimize your skin with innovative Swiss technology

At Concept Medical in Ottawa we are pleased to offer a skin product line that will change the way you feel about your skin. Neocutis uses innovative Swiss technology to offer your skin an optimal product to address your individual concerns. Whether you are noticing signs of aging, age spots, fine lines, or dry skin, Neocutis has a balanced product for you.

Neocutis is only available through physicians and skincare providers, and Concept Medical is proud to be one of the only cosmetic clinics in Ottawa to offer Neocutis. Neocutis has two transforming product lines: Bio-Essentials and Swiss Boosters. Bio-Essentials is the core daily regime, offering you specific cleansers, moisturizers, eye creams, and essential serums. The Bio-essentials product line contains human growth factors and because of this is offered at a slightly higher price point.

Growth factors are processed skin proteins that were developed exclusively for Neocutis by medical researchers at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. Growth factors are beneficial in reducing signs of skin aging due to their capacity in promoting dermal fibroblast and keratinocyte proliferation. Swiss Boosters are a collection of targeted ‘problem solvers’. Boosters allow you to individualize your skin care needs and offer you the option to help improve your skin’s visible imperfections. If redness is an issue for you, Neocutis offers Peche Booster, a simple addition to your regime to visibly decrease the unwanted redness of your cheeks. Peche Booster would be suggested in our patients with rosacea or flushing. Hydralis Booster hydrates your skin and lock in the moisture providing that soft, supple look as well as smoothing out your rough spots. Hydralis Booster is recommended in patients with dry skin, and is best used during Ottawa’s harsh winters.

At Concept Medical in Ottawa, combining Neocutis, with our other procedures such as Botox, stretch mark, acne scar, and rosacea treatments has provided our patient with very encouraging results. Are you ready to face the world with an optimized yet simple skin care regime? Ask us about Neocutis Skin Care Products, we would love to help.

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