Needle-Free Fillers Too Good to Be True

Needle-Free Fillers

Needle-Free Filler – Hylapen Treatments: Helpful or Harmful?

Do needle-free lip fillers sound too good to be true? Keep reading, we’ll give you the details.

I’m sure many of you have heard about these needle-free filler devices. They go by many names, including hyaluronic pens, hylapens, hyaluron pens, hyapens, SERA pens, and nebulizer injector guns.
The idea behind these needle-less filler devices is that they spray hyaluronic acid or other filler particles at a VERY high speed, breaking though the top layer of skin, which are deposited under the skin.

These device companies and those that use it suggest that there are no risks involved, as there are no needles. This is very untrue. Serious health risks are very possible, including but not limited to infections, hematomas, skin and eye damage, and abscesses. There is NO such thing as a risk-free filler treatment – regardless of if you’re using a pen, needle or cannula.  What is more concerning is that there is little to no training needed to operate these devices.
Furthermore, these devices are not authorized for use or sale in Canada. Filler treatments in Canada can only be delivered by a physician or trained nurse using a needle or cannula directly from a syringe.

So, are needle-free fillers helpful or harmful?


They are not authorized for sale in Canada, there is little to no training needed to use these, and serious risks are possible. The verdict is harmful.

We strongly advise any patients looking into filler options to seek information from a reputable, medical practitioner. Ensure your cosmetic treatments are performed only by a qualified, trained, and licenced MD or RN/RPN.

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Note: Needle-free filler treatments are not offered, supported, or endorsed by Concept Medical. This article is for general public education only. For more information about needle-free dermal fillers please refer to Health Canada’s Recall & Safety Alert available here.

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