Lip Fillers Ottawa – A Guide to Lip Enhancement in Ottawa

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The natural aging process can cause lips to become thinner, and lose definition and volume. At Concept Medical in Ottawa, we pride ourselves in creating result that are never overdone. We strive to help patients achieve an enhanced lip shape, and restore lost fullness to the lips. Balanced lips are achieved by taking into account the differences in volume and shape of the upper and lower lips of each individual patient. Everyone is unique, and so should be their lip filler treatment. Lip injections can create an enhanced lip shape, and restore lost fullness to the lips. Lip augmentations in Ottawa are often combined with other non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

We use primarily HA fillers to create an enhanced lip shape and restore lost fullness. Typically 0.5-1.0mL are required. The main ingredient in most lip fillers is hyaluronic acid, a compound that naturally exists within the human body. Although lip fillers are considered safe, side effects (including serious ones) can occur and it is important to speak about these potential risks with your physician prior to treatment.

At Concept Medical, we use specialized techniques to ensure your experience is comfortable. Although results vary, lip augmentations typically last 6-12 months. After this period of time, your lip volume will return to its normal state, as the filler is broken down and absorbed via specific natural enzymes. At Concept Medical, lip filler injections are never performed by nurses or non-medical personnel and will always be administered by one of Concept Medical’s trained and experienced physicians. Lip fillers are completed in less than 30 minutes. You may return to your normal activities following your short appointment. Bruising and swelling is not uncommon afterwords. It is important to remember that rare but serious risks are possible, and results do vary.

To learn more about lip enhancements in Ottawa, or to request a consultation please contact Concept Medical.

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