Laser Hair Removal for Men in Ottawa

Laser Hair Removal for Men in Ottawa

Laser Hair Removal for Men in Ottawa

Okay, guys, be honest. How many of you have asked your significant others to “try those wax strip things” on your hairy back or legs?  Really, how painful can it be? Many men in Ottawa are bothered by the excessive amount on their back and shoulders, but often think that laser hair removal is “just for women.”  In Ottawa, both men and women can safely and painlessly have unwanted or excessive hair permanently removed by the skilled laser technician at Concept Medical.

In fact, Concept Medical in Ottawa provides laser hair removal treatments for many male patients who wish to have a little less hair on various body parts. Laser Hair Removal at Concept Medical is performed by our trained laser hair removal technician Dr. Samuel Hetz. Prior to any laser hair removal treatment, you will have a consultation with one of our physicians to ensure that laser hair removal is the right solution for your hair removal needs. Your skin type and hair type determine how quickly the treatment will give you results. Typically, the darker and coarser your hair, the more readily it will respond to laser hair removal treatment.

Laser hair removal at Concept Medical in Ottawa is an efficient and permanent method of removing unwanted hair. By destroying the hair at the root, hair growth over time will be eliminated completely. Laser hair removal in Ottawa is low maintenance and after 6-8 treatments, most people only require maintenance treatments approximately every six months to remove stray hairs. Although the cost may initially seem high, laser hair removal is a more permanent solution than other hair removal solutions in Ottawa. Over time you will actually save money compared to other hair treatments such as waxing, sugaring, and razors. The latest technologies at Concept Medical ensure that laser hair removal is virtually pain-free.

The experienced staff at Concept Medical in Ottawa will ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during your laser hair removal treatments. The laser used at Concept Medical is fitted with an advanced cooling system to protect your skin and make your hair removal experience even more relaxing. Laser hair removal does not harm your skin while some other hair removal treatments can cause irritation. In fact, a laser hair removal treatment at Concept Medical in Ottawa will help your skin to feel smoother and may also help even skin tone and decrease the occurrence of ingrown hairs. So, whether you are male or female, one can’t deny the benefits of laser hair removal. Please contact us to book your laser hair removal consultation today.

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