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Natural Aging

Skin aging can begin as early as age twenty as our natural reparative abilities slow down and signs of aging begin to manifest. As far as our skin is concerned, by our late twenties, we notice the first signs of aging and sun damage: fine lines and permanent brown spots. In our thirties and early forties, fine lines become wrinkles & folds, our lids and brows appear a little heavier and our skin tone begins to visibly age. Over the following decades, our facial contours fall away to lax skin as supportive structures degrade and facial fat volume is lost. This process can vary between individuals based on genetics, ethnicity, sun exposure, smoking, diet, etc.

What We Want

Today, with longer lifespans, careers and the trends in self-care, we want to continue looking as good as we feel as long as possible. Typically, we are hoping to preserve our natural attributes and maintain a fresh and youthful appearance. Increasingly, men and women are carefully sourcing and selecting natural treatments that stimulate a natural response from the body, do not incur downtime and are performed under the guidance of a qualified and experienced physician in a safe environment.

It is with these tenets in mind that we are pleased to introduce Ottawa to Ultherapy® – the only completely non-invasive treatment proven to lift and tighten facial skin and contours.

Benefits of Ultherapy®

Ultherapy® strives to achieve skin tightening of the neck, jawline and upper face without the inherent risks of anaesthesia and surgery. Safe for all skin types, Ultherapy® is completely customized to the individual with little to no recovery time.

How Does Ultherapy® Work?

Ultherapy® harnesses acoustic energy (ultrasound waves) to stimulate collagen change at targeted depths in the skin. The goal is gentle tightening of supportive skin structures, commonly known as collagen and elastin, followed by a completely natural smoothing, tightening and lifting of the skin over time.

Watch this video to see how the technology works.

Best of all, Ultherapy® can be performed as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with complimentary treatments such as BOTOX Cosmetic® treatments, dermal filler treatments or any variety of laser skin treatments for customized outcome.

Where To Start?

Concept Medical is pleased to provide professional consultations and treatments for Ultherapy®. Contact us today or request an appointment online.

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