Effective rosacea management.

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Rosacea is often a misunderstood, misdiagnosed or undiagnosed skin condition that primarily affects people over the age of 30 with fair skin. The initial symptoms are dilated blood vessels that lend a pink tone to the skin under the cheeks, nose and chin. As the conditions progresses, the number of dilated vessels increases and leaves the skin looking permanently flushed and red. Bumps and tiny pustules may also be present. In its late stages, the condition can result in rhinophyma, a thickening of the skin that leads to a bulbous nose.

The good news is that there are effective measures to manage rosacea symptoms. Concept Medical has certified cosmetic physicians on staff available for consultation. The appropriate course of treatment will be recommended based on your skin condition and aesthetic goals. Treatment options may include topical medicated lotions, and in-office procedures with laser or light therapy.

What causes the skin redness associated with rosacea?

When blood remains in the capillary, it causes a permanent red spot. The more blood vessels that become affected, the redder the skin appears. Certain triggers such as stress, physical exertion, intense emotions, spicy food, alcohol and caffeine can cause a rush of blood to the affected areas. This can lead to discomfort as the skin becomes hot. The rosacea episode can take hours to subside.

How can laser or light treatments treat skin redness due to rosacea?

Laser or light-based devices can be used to target the dilated blood vessels that cause the skin to appear red or flushed. The energy that is emitted by the device into the skin destroys the damaged vessel. The blood flow is rerouted and the body metabolizes the waste product of the treated capillary. Over one or more sessions, the redness begins to subside as the vessels are progressively treated.

As rosacea is a chronic condition, follow-up sessions may be required to maintain results.

In addition to these in-office treatments, there are steps to take in your daily skincare routine to help you manage rosacea. These include:

  • Using skincare products that do not contain irritants such as D & C dyes and artificial fragrance;
  • Washing your face with tepid water;
  • Avoid rough washcloths or applying direct water pressure from the shower head;
  • Avoid products that are too active or over stimulating. Instead, look for ingredients that are anti-inflammatory and soothing.

If you have been diagnosed with or think you may have rosacea and you are seeking treatment, Concept Medical invites you to book a professional consultation with one of our certified physicians. Request an appointment online today.

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