Botox and Filler Combination – Don’t Forget the Lips!

Lip Enhancement

One of the most popular medical aesthetic treatments in Ottawa is the Soft Lift. The Soft Lift is a refreshing and effective treatment designed to combat multiple signs of aging within one treatment session. With virtually instantaneous result a Soft Lift combines Juvederm (dermal filler) and Botox Cosmetic to lift, contour, and rejuvenate your entire face.

Botox in Ottawa can be administered to the forehead to lift the brow and relax the forehead, the ‘11’s’ between the eyes, as well as other wrinkles, minimizing and smoothing moderate to deep lines. Fillers, such as Juvederm, can be placed in the cheeks, marionette lines, lips, and other areas that show a loss of volume to plump and augment your natural facial contours. The Soft Lift results in a natural, restorative, and rejuvenated appearance without looking ‘fake’ or overdone.

A Soft Lift may also include lip injections (lip enhancement). Lip injections or lip augmentations are a common cosmetic procedure at Concept Medical that involves the placement of hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm to plump and rejuvenate the lips. A lip enhancement should provide results that are natural and youthful looking, yet not overdone.

Following an in-depth consultation with one of our physicians, a tailored lip enhancement can be administered to create your desired and tasteful results. There is usually no downtime following lip injections in Ottawa and your normal daily activities can be resumed after leaving the office.

Lip injections at Concept Medical are never delegated to a nurse or other medical practitioners; only a highly trained physician performs your Botox or filler treatments. Following your lip augmentation, you will notice your lips appearing more enhanced and subtly plumper. Results can last up to 12 months and are not permanent. For more information about lip injections in Ottawa, please contact our medical team.

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