3 Steps to Beautiful Legs.

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As the mercury ascends and hemlines follow suit, Ottawa patients have their minds on getting their legs in top shape for the summer. In this article we share three non-invasive cosmetic treatments for the most beautiful, confidence-enhancing legs.

Treating leg veins

A common concern that arises on the legs is visible veins. Some people are genetically prone to dilated vessels that appear in red, blue, green and/or purple patches on the calves and thighs. In some cases they arise due to lifestyle factors such as vocations that require long periods of standing, or the habit of crossing the legs. Dilated vessels appear when the valves that control the flow of blood in and out of the vessels stop functioning and the blood remains pooled. Laser vein treatments offer a safe and effective alternative to needles for certain forms of spider veins. The number of sessions that are required for an optimal outcome will vary depending on the amount of veins in need of treatment. The final result is a more uniform skin tone.

Permanent hair reduction

Calculating the amount of time and money spent on shaving and waxing unwanted hair on the legs adds up to months over a life span – precious time that could be better spent by implementing a simple solution. As one of the most popular cosmetic treatments, laser hair removal has never been more comfortable and effective. Patients of Concept Medical are treated with state-of-the-art laser technology that is safe for use on all skin types. The laser beam targets the melanin pigment of the hair, which is then destroyed by the heat energy. When treated in its active stage of hair growth, future regrowth is impaired. A series of treatments is required to reduce the hair growth in any given area of the body. Laser hair removal treatments for the legs are fast and require little to no downtime, making them easy to fit into a busy schedule.

Trim and sculpted legs

Hormonal shifts, aging and genetics can effect where fat deposits reside on our body. Unfortunately our efforts with diet and exercise cannot yield results for specific areas of unwanted fat. Fortunately, non-invasive fat reduction technologies have made it possible to improve the look and form of typical areas where stubborn fat resides. For such trouble spots on the outer thighs or “saddlebags”, a body sculpting device like UltraShape® can trim down and reshape the legs for a cosmetically pleasing outcome. This non-invasive device sends focused ultrasound energy, bypassing the skin and blood vessels, to destroy fat cells. UltraShape® yields the best results for patients who have a stable weight and a BMI of 30 or under. More than one treatment may be required to attain body sculpting goals. The UltraShape® treatment is completely non-invasive, allowing patients to return to their normal activities after their treatment.

Where to start

Knowing the available solutions for common leg concerns is the first step. Next, having beautiful legs to bare this summer is a consultation away. Concept Medical’s staff of certified cosmetic physicians are on hand to recommend a course of treatment that will help you achieve your desired outcome. Contact us to request a consultation today.

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