About Kory Thielemann

Kory has been with our team since 2015. She is a positive force with a contagious smile. Kory showed such ambition in her field that she joined our team months before graduating from her Advanced Aesthetics program, and earning the class Holistic Award at graduation. She completed Coolsculpting University in Virginia USA and is a practitioner of the Dr. Bitter BBL method. Kory regularly attends international conferences in order to improve her patients’ experience and results.

Prior to her career in medical aesthetics, Kory was a model and a makeup artist for over 12 years. Her work can be found on the Richard Robinson Runway and in art galleries across Canada. Her passion for makeup and skin care only intensified as the years followed. Now her goal is making others feel exceptional, not only about their own skin but the body they live in. She is known for her honesty and compassion toward her patients, installing feelings of confidence and satisfaction. Kory strives to bring out the best in everyone and works hard to achieve excellence

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