About Jennifer Martin

Jennifer is our Registered Nurse (RN)  at Concept Medical. She has practiced nursing for 29 years in many different fields, within the Ottawa area. Jen started her career as an RN at the Riverside Hospital, on a General Medical floor, then proceeded to specialize her skill sets to the hemodialysis setting.

After 14 years at the Ottawa Civic Hospital, she decided a change of pace was needed for her work-life balance. Her vast experience over the years, as well as her genuine caring nature, makes her the perfect fit within our Concept Medical family.

 Jennifer’s responsibilities include consultations for BHH and PRP, all BHH and PRP treatments including, preparing the client, dosage management (BHH),  evaluation of desired outcome and maintenance of each client. Jennifer also started doing PRP treatments for hair loss 4 years ago, as an occasional procedure, which has now grown into her full role at concept medical. Jennifer is now, one of the top PRP injectors in Canada. 

Ottawa has always been home for Jennifer. She has a close-knit family still within the area and along with her husband, has chosen to raise her 3 children here. Outside of the clinic, Jennifer loves all forms of outdoor activities. Running, cycling, cross-country skiing and hiking just to name a few.

She is a proud supporter of all music festivals and can be found living at her beloved cottage nestled in the Gatineau’s, during the summer months. Jennifer understands the critical need for blood transfusions in surgeries across Canada and regularly donates her blood.

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