Frequently asked questions


1.) Is there a consultation fee?

Yes. A one-time, $70 + HST fee is applicable at the time of booking for a cosmetic consultation with one of our physicians.

There is no consultation fee to discuss skin care products, facials, dermaplaning or laser hair removal. The $70 fee is applied to your first treatment of $375 or more if booked within 30 days following your consultation.

Our main concern is your safety and because of this we do book a consultation prior to your first treatment. The consultation will take about 30 minutes. This visit ensures that treatments are both safe and effective for you. It is also a great opportunity to discuss any other skin concerns, during this dedicated time with one of our physicians and get their expert advice on treatments. Treatments can often be done on the same day.

There is no consultation fee if your family physician has sent a referral to Concept Medical for a medical indication (i.e. hyperhidrosis, chronic migraine, etc.)

2.) I don’t want to look ‘fake’ or ‘overdone.’

This is one concern we hear most often. Our physicians focus on natural, subtle results. We want you to look better, NOT different. It’s all about positive aging and natural looking enhancements.

3.) Who does the cosmetic injectables?

At Concept Medical, only our physician (Dr. Hetz) will do your cosmetic injectable treatment such as Botox and filler. These treatments are never delegated to a non-physician staff member. This is one of the many features that make Concept Medical a unique clinic! 

4.) Which fillers do we use?

We primarily use Juvéderm as our dermal filler at Concept Medical. Juvéderm is a family of 7 different types of filler, each with it’s own purpose and utility. At our clinic Juvéderm (filler) costs $500-$750/syringe depending on the number of syringes used as well as the specific Juvéderm product.

5.) How many units of Botox or syringes of filler will I need?

This is where the consultation is so important. Everyone’s face is different! During a consultation, our physicians will be able to give you a detailed understanding of how much product will be needed to achieve you desired results. 

6.) Is there a cancellation fee?

There is a $100 fee for a missed appointment or cancellations within 48 hours of your scheduled visit. Exceptions apply.

7.) Do you have a price list?

For detailed pricing information please call us at 613.829.1266. Approximate pricing includes:

  • Juvéderm (filler) $500-$750/syringe (ONLY injected by Dr. Hetz)
  • Botox Cosmetic $12.50/unit (ONLY injected by Hetz)
  • CoolSculpting $600-$975/cycle
  • PRP for hair loss $600-$700/treatment 
  • Belkyra $650/vial
  • Microneedling $400-$450/treatment
  • SkinCeuticals Facials $199 
  • Laser Hair Removal $50-$300/treatment (dependant on body area) 
  • Dermaplaning $99
  • Ultherapy $1000-$300
  • BroadBandLight (IPL Photofacial) $250-$500/treatment
  • MicroLaserPeel $495/treatment 
  • Cosmetic Mole Removal $395 and up. 

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