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Facial Veins

Facial veins come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Noticeable face or facial veins are most commonly found on the cheeks, nose, and near the eyes. For some people, facial veins are caused by medical conditions such as rosacea. For those that have noticeable unsightly face veins there are fortunately options are available to treat these facial veins. Although many people use make-up to camouflage their facial veins, this is often not enough. At Concept Medical in Ottawa, our physicians specialize in treating facial veins including face spider veins. Laser based treatments are very effective for removing veins on the face. Using a specialized medical laser, the colorless beam causes the facial vein to shut off and be eliminated by your body. Laser facial vein treatments are very tolerable, and near painless. Laser facial vein treatments last only minutes, and you may return to work or your normal daily activity after your laser vein treatment, without any down time. Another option for facial veins is sclerotherapy. Although sclerotherapy is commonly performed for leg veins, it may on occasional be used for veins on the face. Sclerotherapy of facial veins involves using small amount of medication inside the vein to cause the face vein to close off and dissolve over the next number of weeks. If you would like to know more about laser facial vein treatments or sclerotherapy, please contact us at Concept Medical to book your consultation today.

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