The 80’s Were not Kind to my Skin: Rejuvenate Sun Damaged Skin

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I was a teenager of the 1980’s; therefore I loved going to the beach and lathering on baby oil to get that “perfect tan”. I am sure that many of you reading this can relate. Fast forward to year 2015.   That false “healthy glow” of the 80’s evolved into uneven skin tone with both areas of redness and pigmentation. The damage from the sun was clearly evident in the brown spots that appeared on my face, arms and décolleté.   The good news is that I was able to reverse the damage with a treatment at Concept Medical in Ottawa! Broadband Light (BBL) (also referred to as IPL, Intense Pulsed Light) is a cornerstone technology used in treating sun damage, and skin rejuvenation. It is a fast, gentle and effective way to minimize the effects of sun damage and aging. After just a few treatments, I now have a more youthful, even skin tone. The brown spots are now gone. Of course, I now also wear sunscreen every day! For more detailed information on the benefits of BBL, please visit:

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