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The summer weather is well underway in the Ottawa region, which means more sun exposure. As skin experts, we advocate the use of a daily broad-spectrum sunscreen regardless of the weather. But in addition to this regular practice, there are some sun safe habits that can be introduced as extra measures to prevent sun damage and skin cancer.

Reapplying sunscreen

While many people have adopted the habit of applying SPF every morning, reapplying sunscreen may not be such a well-formed practice, but one that is very important to establish. The SPF of any given cosmetic formulation does not last the entire day. With the longer days of summer, this means that neglecting to reapply sunscreen leaves unprotected skin exposed to damaging UV rays in the late afternoon and evening hours. Make a point of carrying sunscreen with you in order to maintain protection throughout the day.

Check the expiry date

Regardless of the formulation, when a cosmetic product has passed its best before date, its effectiveness is compromised. This is especially important when it comes to sunscreen. Using an expired sunscreen can leave your skin at risk for burning, which is a serious matter. Every burn that the skin sustains increases the risk of developing melanoma by 50 per cent. Always check the expiry date when purchasing sunscreen to ensure it will be used up prior to expiration and keep products in a cool and dry place to maintain freshness.

Dress for the sun

  • Fortunately, hats have been gaining popularity which makes integrating them into one’s summer wardrobe a breeze. Look for wide brims to gain as much protection as possible.
  • Wearing sunglasses is a sun safe fashion choice to enhance photoprotection around the eyes. Look for larger frames that shield the entire eye area.
  • Dark coloured synthetic fabrics provide the most sun protection; however, that doesn’t exactly sound appealing on a hot summer day. Alternatively, buying sun protective clothing or seeking out shade can be a ‘cooler’ option.

Enjoying the sun is an essential part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. With that in mind, we hope these tips have given you further guidance on how to enjoy the sun responsibly this summer. To find a sunscreen that is best suited for your skin, or to learn about the skin cancer and sun damage treatments available at Concept Medical, we welcome you to book a consultation with us. Request an appointment online today.

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