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For years, patients with the blushing and flushing of rosacea in Ottawa had limited options. Fortunately, those with rosacea in Ottawa now have a number of treatments available. Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that causes redness, blushing, and occasionally pimples on the face. Overactive facial blood vessels seem to be one of the causes of rosacea. Rosacea also can affect the eyes as well as cause thinking of skin on the nose. Over time, the redness caused by rosacea may become more apparent, and can greatly impact people’s confidence especially in social situations. Oral medications such as antibiotics and topical creams such as metronidazole are available in Ottawa for the pimples and bumps of rosacea, but unfortunately do not help the fine blood vessels and facial veins, which are the main cause of facial redness in rosacea. For the facial redness, flushing, and blushing of rosacea in Ottawa, intense pulsed light (IPL), also known as BroadBand LightTM or photofacial, is a perfect option. Intense pulsed light delivers strong beams of light onto the face to help close up the small blood vessels and face veins which cause underlying redness of rosacea. Intense pulsed light is commonly used in Ottawa to treat other skin issues as well including age spots and other red spots on the skin, and can also minimize fine lines over time. Most importantly intense pulsed light (IPL) helps to even out your skin tone, and remove much of the redness caused by rosacea. Many people in Ottawa do not know that this treatment exists for their rosacea, and are ecstatic to find that there is a treatment to help minimize the appearance of their red face. For more information about rosacea treatments in Ottawa or for your your physician consultation, please contact us.

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