Lip Filler for Thinning Lips

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Over time, lips appear thinner and less voluptuous. At Concept Medical in Ottawa, lip filler augmentation using dermal fillers is a common and effective procedure to enhance your lips and volume. Lip filler should result in a natural-looking lip, not overly full or ‘fake’ appearing.

Most fillers are made of a natural compound already found in your body; hyaluronic acid. Following a detailed consultation with one of our physicians a customized lip augmentation may be customized to meet your expectations. It’s important to remember that risks (including serious ones) are possible and results do vary.

Fuller, more youthful, and voluptuous lips are the ultimate goal. Never should your lips look overdone or over-filled. At Concept Medical in Ottawa, we pride ourselves in enhancing beautiful lips that are balanced.

Lip fillers have a good safety profile, although all cosmetic produces do come with some risk and possible (rare and serious) side effects. At Concept Medical, the results of your lip augmentation may last up to 6-12 months as the hyaluronic acid is slowly absorbed by your own body.

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