Leg Spider Vein Treatment

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Leg Spider Vein Treatment

Spider veins on the legs may be thin and red, or thicker and blue. Often leg spider veins have no symptoms, however, sometimes people may notice aching, stinging, or even pain, especially at the end of the day. Do you or someone you know have spider veins? Fortunately, Concept Medical in Ottawa specializes in removing spider veins. Concept Medical is one of the primarily locations for sclerotherapy for spider veins and laser leg vein treatment for spider veins. Sclerotherapy treatment involved placing a small amount of medication inside your spider veins. Following the very short procedure, your body can shut off and remove these veins over the following weeks. Sclerotherapy for spider veins is very effective, and does not have any down time. Following sclerotherapy for spider veins, you may return to work or your regular daytime activities without hesitation. Laser leg vein treatments are also offered at Concept Medical in Ottawa. Using a medical grade advanced laser, your spider veins may be removed from the skins surface without any injections. If you think have leg spider veins that you would like removed, please contact us at Concept Medical to book your consultation with one of our physicians.

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