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Dermaplaning in Ottawa

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What is Dermaplaning?


Dermaplaning is a medical grade exfoliation treatment that we are proud to offer at Concept Medical in Ottawa. This technique removes surface level dead, dull skin cells and vellus hair (commonly known as peach fuzz). While being a thorough and effective form of exfoliation, it does not cause serious irritation or require downtime, which makes it a great option for all skin types.

The treatment starts with a gentle cleanser, which removes any make-up, and oil. Following this, our trained medical aesthetician will use a small amount of isopropyl alcohol on the skin to disinfect as well as help loosen up the top layer of dead skin (also known as the stratum corneum). Following this, she will use gentle yet precise strokes across the surface of the skin, with a sterile, medical-grade rounded, scalpel. The specialized and very sharp blade removes the top layer of dead skin, exfoliating the skin and revealing the soft, supple skin underneath. Dermaplaning does not hurt, and most patients find it very relaxing.

Following this, our medical aesthetician will apply our HA5® hyaluronic-acid based serum from SkinMedica® to help re-hydrate and sooth your skin, as well as a mild mineral-based sunscreen if you choose. Additional skin care products may be added at your request depending on your skin. Please note individual results do vary.

What are the benefits of dermaplaning for my skin?

Through the process of removing the old skin cells and vellus hair (and any built-up dirt & oils around the follicle) you may notice an immediate glow and smooth appearance of the skin, as healthy skin cells are now exposed. Dermaplaning will also remove buildup of residual makeup or products on the surface of the skin and may help the skin look and feel smoother. Because your skin is exfoliated, and that peach fuzz is gone, product absorption (such as your serums and hydrators) may also increase resulting in healthier skin overall. Please note individual results do vary.

Will dermaplaning cause peach fuzz to return more coarse or thicker?

No! This is one of the biggest concerns and myths about dermaplaning. Removing the vellus hairs at a surface level DOES NOT impact the hair follicle or growth pattern. Hair will not grow back coarser, darker, or thicker after dermaplaning. That being said, since the fine vellus hair is cut at the base, you may note a few days of roughness days to week after treatment. However, this is short lived. Dermaplaning, just like shaving, does not cause hair to grow back darker, thicker, or longer. Similar to when you get your hair cut. Getting your hair cut does not cause your hair to start growing faster or more coarse.

What to expect after a dermaplaning treatment.

Directly after dermaplaning your skin should feel smoother and fresher. You should feel exfoliated, and your skin may have more radiance and glow. Your make-up and skin care products should glide on more easily. Finally, skin care products are likely to permeate the skin more effectivity, leading to overall better skin health. Most patient have very slight redness afterwards which may last a few hours. Other risks are possible, but rare. These should be discussed at the time of your consultation and treatment. Please note individual results do vary.

How often is dermaplaning necessary?

We recommend clients add in dermaplaning as a part of their regular skin care routine. The optimal frequency is typically every 4-6 weeks, and most of our patients choose to book on a monthly basis. However, some patients choose to come less frequently with the changing of the seasons, or as needed such as prior to a big event for that extra level of freshness.

Curious to know more about dermaplaning at Concept Medical, or ready to book? Please call us at 613.829.1266 to talk to one of our staff members.

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