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At Concept Medical in Ottawa, our staff members are fully trained in the safe use of all of our lasers and light devices. Our staff stays current with the most recent research and best practices in both skin care and laser medicine. A thorough consultation is crucial before any laser treatments are administered. The consultation is also your opportunity to ask questions about the procedure so that you are well informed and understand the results that you can expect. Additionally, since all treatments at Concept Medical are supervised or administered by qualified, highly trained physicians, you can rest assured that your health and safety are our first priority.

Be cautious about a laser hair removal treatment on an area of your skin that has had recent sun exposure. If you have a tan, you will need to postpone any laser hair removal treatments. The qualified staff at Concept Medical will be happy to assist you in scheduling your appointments accordingly. Laser hair removal treatments are highly effective, with patients being very pleased with their results. As long as you do your research and choose a facility that takes your health and safety seriously, you will be throwing out your razors in no time!

To book your consultation please contact us at Concept Medical and we will gladly respond to your questions.

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