Botox® in Ottawa – Treating your frown lines

Treating frown lines

Botox® in Ottawa – Treating your frown lines

As skin begins to lose its youthful appearance and lines and wrinkles begin to appear on the face, many people in Ottawa choose to pursue Botox treatments to help maintain their restful appearance. Botox is the most widely used non-surgical cosmetic treatment worldwide, and in Ottawa, Concept Medical physicians treat patients with Botox daily.

Botox in Ottawa is so popular because treatments take only minutes to perform and results from Botox are usually seen within a few days following the procedure. Botox in Ottawa is usually recommended to address lines and wrinkles in the eyebrow and forehead region. However, Botox may be used to decrease lines in numerous other facial locations as well.

In Ottawa, Botox is precisely placed directly into muscles that move the eyebrow and muscles of the forehead. This exact placement is key, and misplacing Botox can cause unwanted effects. Certain muscles called the corrugators are responsible for directing the eyebrows in and down and cause the vertical lines that appear between the eyes in some people. On the outside of the brows are the orbicularis oculi muscles. Orbicularis oculi muscles cause “crow’s feet” lines, which can be seen at the outer corners of the eye. Botox helps these problematic muscles to relax which allows the skin overlying the muscle to flatten out, and the line or wrinkle to appear less noticeable. In Ottawa, muscles treated with Botox often remain relaxed for 3-4 months. However, proper injection technique and adequate dosing is critical to optimize your results as well as safety. The effects of Botox are temporary, and Botox will slowly wear off with time. Choosing a qualified and experienced health care professional is important to ensure your Botox treatment is effective and safe.

At Concept Medical in Ottawa, only our highly trained physicians will complete your cosmetic Botox treatments. For more information about Botox in Ottawa, please contact our cosmetic medicine and medical skin clinic.

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