3 things to consider before laser hair removal.

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Did you know: the average woman will spend over 1,700 hours shaving her legs in a lifetime – a total of 72 days! What would you do with that extra time? This is a question most patients ask themselves prior to considering laser hair removal in Ottawa. They are seeking a more permanent solution to hair reduction that will allow them more freedom and time.

Laser hair removal has become increasingly popular and is now widely available throughout Ottawa. Differentiating between technologies and providers can seem like a daunting task. Here we share 3 of the most important considerations when selecting a laser hair removal provider.

1: Who to choose

True laser hair removal treatments are clinically proven to permanently reduce unwanted hair growth; they are among the most popular cosmetic treatments around the world. With any laser or light-based treatment, real risks exist. The surest way to mitigate those risks is to select a reputable, established and experienced provider.

Our technicians and nurses undergo rigorous clinical training and regular continuing education to ensure they are applying the safest and most up-to-date laser hair removal protocols. Our team is trained on the nuances that may affect the skin while undergoing laser hair removal treatments and our patients have access to physician care when medical follow-up is called for. Concept Medical also offers best-in-class technologies; our dedicated laser hair removal systems allow us to treat all skin types with a high degree of safety and efficacy.

2. How to prepare

Laser hair removal treatments should begin with a thorough assessment and consultation to assist you in making a well-informed choice about laser hair removal. Your unique skin type and the area(s) being treated will dictate the parameters of your treatment. The most critical preparation for laser hair removal treatments is to avoid tanning. Every skin type will build up excess pigment as a response to sun exposure, making it difficult for a laser to distinguish the unwanted hair from within its follicle and increasing the risk of pigmentation-related side effects. For this reason, winter can be an ideal time for laser hair removal treatments.

If you normally wax, thread, tweeze or pluck the treated area, resign yourself to shaving for six to eight weeks prior to treatment. Laser hair removal targets the active hair growth cycle – the fuller the active cycle, the more effective the treatment. This can ultimately reduce the number of treatments you require.

If you are treating a facial area, your provider will also outline the skincare products to discontinue prior to treatment. This will usually include topical exfoliants and blemish-controlling products. Certain active ingredients can temporarily compromise the integrity of the superficial skin and sensitize it to potent doses of light energy.

3. What to expect

When laser hair removal is performed in a physician-directed facility by a qualified, experienced provider employing clinically proven technologies, treatments can be considered safe and effective. Most patients will require between three and eight treatments. The available solutions from Concept Medical allow all skin types to be treated safely.

Where do I begin?

In the Ottawa area, Concept Medical is pleased to provide professional consultations and advanced laser hair removal treatments. Contact us today or request an appointment online.

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