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Botox Cosmetic Treatment Ottawa

Botox Cosmetic® can help reduce certain lines and wrinkles, allowing you to look and feel more refreshed and youthful.



Botox is a purified protein that when placed into certain muscles, reduces the look of moderate to severe facial lines and wrinkles. At Concept Medical in Ottawa, all Botox Cosmetic® treatments are uniquely customized and administered by a licensed physician. Botox treatments are never delegated to a nurse or non-medical practitioner.



All cosmetic treatments at Concept Medical begin with a detailed consultation with one of our experienced physicians. A thorough physician consultation prior to your Botox treatment ensures optimal results and most importantly safety. Our physicians will work with you to customize your Botox treatment to obtain your desired results. A Botox treatment can be completed within a few minutes, and many patients choose to receive their Botox over their lunch hour before returning to work. Botox does not require any numbing cream as treatment is very tolerable. You may return to your normal activities or work immediately after Botox treatment.



The key to an optimal Botox treatment is not only the product itself, but also ensuring you choose an experienced Botox injector to achieve effective and natural results. Following your Botox, your lines and wrinkles will begin to soften and improve over the next two weeks. As your Botox takes effect you should look more rested, refreshed, and youthful. Your Botox treatment should not make you look frozen, surprised, or artificial and this is where the art of Botox treatment is essential. At Concept Medical, our extensively trained physicians specialize in ensuring your Botox results are effective yet natural. Botox is not permanent, with results typically lasting 3-4 months depending on the treatment area. At Concept Medical in Ottawa, all Botox Cosmetic® treatments are uniquely customized and administered by licensed physicians; and never delegated to a nurse or non-medical practitioner.


IS BOTOX cosmetic® SAFE?

Botox was approved by the FDA in 1989 for treatment of various eye conditions. Shortly after treatment, patients receiving Botox noticed that their lines and wrinkles improved as well. Since 2001, Botox has been approved for cosmetic applications in Canada. Botox is one of the safest non-surgical treatments available. Although Botox has an excellent safety profile, it is important you thoroughly discuss the risks and possible complications with your physician prior to treatment. Most complications of Botox are not due to the product itself, but rather an injector who may not be familiar with Botox techniques and facial anatomy.


WHO WILL perform my BOTOX cosmetic® Treatment

At Concept Medical only our experienced, qualified, and licensed, physicians will perform your Botox Cosmetic® treatments. Botox Cosmetic® treatments are never delegated to a nurse or non-medical practitioner.



Almost anyone can receive Botox treatments. However, men and women with specific neurological conditions should not receive Botox. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are advised not to have Botox treatments. Previous adverse reactions to Botox as well as certain medications may preclude you from receiving Botox. While these are some of the common contraindications to the use of Botox, it is essential that anyone interested in Botox treatment first be assessed and approved by a qualified physician to ensure that Botox is safe for you.


Will I Look Worse if I Stop Using BOTOX COSMETIC®?

If you decide to stop using Botox, your wrinkles will simply return slowly to their previous appearance.


At what age CAN YOU BEGIN having BOTOX COSMETIC® treatments?

Although Botox is often used once deep lines and wrinkle have appeared, many patients choose to use Botox in their 20s and 30s as a preventative measure against the signs of aging.


Can you combine both BOTOX COSMETIC® and soft tissue fillers?

Combining both Botox Cosmetic® and the soft tissue filler Juvéderm® is called a SoftLift®. Similar to Botox treatments, a SoftLift® can be completed within minutes. Combining Botox with a soft tissue filler such as Juvéderm® often provides superior results than using either product alone.


Are there other options than BOTOX COSMETIC® ?

At Concept Medical in Ottawa we have extensive experience using Botox Cosmetic® to achieve effective and natural results. However, similar products such as Dysport® and Xeomin® are available by patient request.



Our staff physicians are highly experienced in a full spectrum of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, including Botox Cosmetic®. Combined, our staff physicians have performed over 50,000 Botox Cosmetic® treatments over nearly two decades with excellent results and high patient satisfaction. At Concept Medical in Ottawa, all Botox treatments are uniquely customized and administered by one of our licensed physicians. At Concept Medical, your Botox treatments will not be delegated to a nurse or non-medical practitioner. Finally, Concept Medical in Ottawa is recognized as an evidence-based clinic that serves as a training facility for basic and advanced Botox Cosmetic® injection skills for other physicians. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require more information about Botox Cosmetic®.


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